As of June 15, 2021, California is reopened for 'business as usual', with some covid protocols still in place. The State is allowing vaccinated persons to be mask-free! It is still recommended that unvaccinated individuals continue to wear masks and it's up to each business to enforce their own masking policy. 

Here's what we're doing:


  • Masks/Guests - Mask-wearing by guests will be on an 'honor' system. We prefer unvaccinated guests to continue wear masks, but since we cannot find a sure-fire way to enforce this, we ask that our unvaccinated guests please consider others when deciding what to do.

  • Masks/Staff  - Unvaccinated staff wear a mask while on duty. Off duty mask wearing is on an honor basis.

  • Air filters- The HVAC units have high grade air filters which are changed monthly.

  • Sanitizer in common areas - For extra precaution,  there is sanitizer for guest use in each bathroom, the kitchen, the lounge and at entry. 

  • Cleaning protocols - Hospital-grade cleaners are used in the bathrooms and common areas. Beds/rooms are thoroughly cleaned after each guest checks out. Lysol is available to guests for their use.